Little things.

Welcome to Zabel Acres! We make things here.

Zabel Acres began with a snowy walk in the Minnesota woods, on a frigid January afternoon in 2014. We fell in love with the land and the forest and knew this would be our home. 


Our first visit to the Pine Cathedral

Our ten acres of diverse woodland are a playground, resource, and never-ending project. We are a small company + a medium-sized family + a growing flock of hens. Making things is what we’re all about. We have big dreams for the future, but we recognize the importance of the little things, that are here today.


Zabel Acres Board of Directors

Our design philosophy is simple. We want to make sustainable products that help people stop and appreciate life. Our goal is to create moments for you to pause and appreciate the simple details – the Little Things! We try to keep our messages clear and let our products speak for themselves.


Home is where the heart typically resides

Tending a small forest is a process and a lifestyle, and teaches us to consider the forest and the trees. As we get to know the land, we are constantly exploring new ways to sustain and utilize this resource. Our forest is crowded, and we are working on a forest management plan to selectively thin the forest to improve it’s overall health. In the meantime, we are experimenting with our laser engraver and various materials, including buckthorn (an invasive scourge on the landscape) rounds, salvaged lumber, and reclaimed cardboard. When we finish our wood products, we use either a non-toxic Milk Paint, or beeswax. Using a laser engraver allows us to cut and pattern material without adding anything to it, so you can always recycle our cardboard products and packaging when they’ve fulfilled their usefulness (thanks packaging, see you next time)!


Just a little reminder

We believe in focusing on the little things in life. It’s easy to get caught up in planning ahead or focusing on the big, scary stuff we can’t control; but it’s important to take this moment and appreciate what we have. If our products help you slow down every now and then, and appreciate some of the little things around us, that’s just peachy with us. Life is short, folks.


Love the little things

We hope you enjoy Zabel Acres. Not sure where we’re going with all this – but we’re gonna keep making stuff. Check out our etsy shop at and follow our blog for updates (if you’re into that sort of thing). You can also find us on Instagram – #ZabelAcresDesign or email us at

Thank you for visiting Zabel Acres!

– Jess and Matt.


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