About us


Welcome to Zabel Acres! We make sustainable products that help people stop and appreciate life. Our products are a mix of custom projects, custom signs, and home décor.

Zabel Acres is what we call our home, 10 acres of forest, and our business. We have spent the last couple years experimenting with salvaged materials and laser engraving, and offer a range of products in our Etsy store, as well as work on custom orders with individuals and companies. Matt works as a professional designer and researcher, and Jessica worked as an interior designer and crafter, before shifting her focus to stay-at-home mom-ery (she’s still pretty crafty).

When it comes to Zabel Acres projects, it’s a collaborative process (but Jess is in charge). Matt focuses on the technical side of making the computer tell a laser what to do; and Jess specializes in materials, inspiration, and keeping things organized. The design part happens somewhere in the middle. We are kind of obsessed with laser cutting, natural materials, and typography. Watching our 60watt laser vaporize material with incredible precision and speed is still magical, and we never run out of new materials or ideas to test. We also appreciate the minimal environmental impact of the process, since the laser marks the material by incinerating the material, meaning we don’t typically have to add any additional materials to our reclaimed or salvaged stock. When we do want a sharper contrast or an interesting color, we use salvaged paint or make our own milk paint. The laser itself uses very little power, so the overall environmental impact of our process is minimal.

Our goal is to continue experimenting, collaborating, trying, and failing – until we get bored or we find something that other people really love (then we’ll do more of that). We also love helping other people realize their creative visions through collaborative design processes. Please let us know what you think of our stuff, and shoot us a note if you want to collaborate! zabelacres@gmail.com


-matt and jess.


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