Almost Famous

When Matt is not laser-engraving cool stuff at Zabel Acres, he makes stuff for a little local company called 3M. And yes, it’s more than “just” Post-It notes and tape – although those two things are pretty darn important to making Zabel Acres possible. Matt works on a range of stuff at 3M, but it’s all centered around understanding customers and making stuff we think they’ll like.

Today Matt was featured on the 3M newsroom blog, with a short piece about Zabel Acres. Thanks to the 3M team who came out and filmed this story! It was really fun and we’re glad the chickens finally got some of the press they deserve.

You can check out the story and video here. Or  click here to watch on YouTube

If you’re new to Zabel Acres, be sure to check out our photo gallery and etsy store while you’re here!


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